Day 95 – 18/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

After a great night at Bramwell Station I headed off pretty early with a big day ahead of me and a desire to get back to Mt Carbine in time to setup the caravan for the night.

Archer River Roadhouse

The first stop was a drop in to the Archer River Roadhouse where I sorted out a drink and was fairly quickly back on the road.

Out the front of the Archer River Roadhouse is the memorial to Toots.

Toots Memorial

Her story was immortalised by Slim Dusty in the song ‘The Trucky was a Lady.’

Along the road there are a number of cars that have rolled and as you approach it is always a concern that its recent until you get closer to the car and can see that things are missing like wheels.

Heading south you hit some great sections of bitumen that make the journey easy.

With more sections being worked on.

Not stopping in Coen, Qld I headed further south and past Musgrave Roadhouse stopping in at Hann River Roadhouse.

They have some animals that are very friendly including an Emu

According to the signs they also have the best Sausage Rolls on the Cape. I had to test this.

Sausage Roll

They were pretty good I give them 8.9/10


With under 200km to go I hit the road again and not far south of Hann River you are at the end of the dirt at Laura, Qld with the rest of the journey nice and quick.

Lakeland Roadhouse

Making good time I was at Lakeland Roadhouse around 3:30 where I got some air in the tyres and some fuel in the tank.

View towards Mt Carbine near Lakeland

As you drop though the hills you are welcomed to this vista of the valley below. Its a great view from up there.

So my trusty Prado had made it and it’s driver was doing ok to.

It looked much dirtier in real life.

Around 4:30 I made it back to the Mt Carbine Caravan Park and was setup and resting after a monumental trip to the cape and back over 10 days.

The Midlife Adventure now continues with the Caravan and hopefully a lot less corrugations.