Day 74 – 28/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

Just off the coast of Townsville, Qld is Magnetic Island, Qld. Named after Captain Cook‘s compass went wonky and he thought that the rocks on the island might be causing it. (They weren’t it was just wonky).

It’s a 20 minute ferry ride from Townsville Port to Nelly Bay, with another great day it was nice sitting up on the top deck getting some sun watching the port activities.

USS Ashland

Still in port and enjoying their shore leave is the USS Ashland. It’s not hard to spot them they look exactly like you expect USS soldiers to look, you can generally spot the difference between them and the Army/Navy from the Australian Army also based in Townsville.

Another way to get over to the island is with you car, you can also hire cute little cars over there including Mini Mokes.

Nelly Bay Terminal

After arriving at the terminal there are a number of buses that you can get on with an all day ticket only $7.40.

Island Bus

My first stop was out at Horseshoe Bay where they were holding a Sunday Market.

Sunday Market – Horseshoe Bay

It is a great looking beach, not quite warm enough for me to go in but good for a walk along the beach.

Horseshoe Bay

Getting into lunch time after the walk it was time to find some food and one of the cafe’s had a special running with Paella, I like a good Paella, this was ok but no crispy bottom.

Seafood Paella

From there it was back on the bus and this time to Picnic Bay.

Picnic Bay Jetty

So it was a walk along the jetty and around the town, they have decorated the bus stop and whilst not a #SiloArt it’s #BusStopArt

So the bus came and returned me back to the terminal for a trip back across to Townsville.

That completes my journey to Townsville with the journey north continuing tomorrow as I continue the Midlife Adventure.

Thanks to a suggestion from Facebook (Susan) I have updated this post to include a video of the HALO Light show being run currently in Townsville against the backdrop of Castle Hill.

It is part of the North Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA).