Day 88 – 11/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

My plan today is to do pretty much nothing all day! Enjoying all of the fun a working cattle station provides.

I did however start it off with a short walk around part of the property as I don’t think I’d make it the full way around the property.

They actually have 3 short walks around the creek that you can do that take you for an interesting walk and a chance to do some bird watching.

Big bone

In one of the dry creek beds I found some bones, I kept back from the water in case any nearby croc’s were waiting for their next meal.

Cattle Yard

The cattle yards are all timber and really interesting to look around, I really enjoyed my walk around and have some pictures below that I took.

Then it was into the pool for a swim and relax in the 30deg weather… I think Adelaide was in the low teens and raining today.

After more relaxing it was dinner and tonight it was a smaller group and I got to meet some more new people who were visiting the property and the meal was great.


Well tomorrow I will be moving north again further up Cape York, so a good rest is in for this Midlife Adventure.