Day 115 – 7/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Leaving Cloncurry, Qld around 9 it was a short 120km to Mount Isa, Qld.

The road is a bit hilly so I just took it easy not to put too much pressure on the car as it pulls the load up the hills.

Picking sites to stay is primarily done by reading a number of reviews for the local caravan parks in WikiCamps the travellers best friend. Many of the parks in Mount Isa, Qld don’t get a great wrap unfortunately.

Mount Isa
Water tower – Mt Isa

I picked the Sunset Top Tourist Park for the evening. Arriving quite early it was an easy job parking up before heading into town.

Mt Isa Mine

I went to the Information Centre and arranged to join the Hard Times Mine Tour.

Mt Isa Information Centre.

Other than book into the tour I didn’t find the information centre very helpful.

The cafe at the centre is a big miss, the order of a steak sandwich came out after an hour wait meaning I had to eat it fast before the tour started which wasn’t a big issue as it wasn’t great.

Drilling equipment

The tour starts in the museum where the retired mine worker (Ian) took us through some of the process before showing us a big rock of Copper.

The next section of the tour we got into orange overalls and headed down the mine shaft. The Hard Times mine is actually only a tourist mine setup by a number of retired miners to give people the experience of visiting a mine as the actual mine site is nearly 2km below ground and too dangerous to tour.

We get to see around the mine, use some mine equipment, see what life is like with the lights out and where to go in case of an emergency. The tour completes in the crib room where we enjoy a corned beef and relish sandwich and tea/coffee. Following this we get a ride back to the top of the mine where we grab our tags off the board (for safety).

My day after this was just some shopping as this will be the last major metropolis for a while as I continue further west.

It is a short visit to Mount Isa, Qld on this Midlife Adventure and I head towards the Northern Territory border.