Day 84 – 7/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

The plan today was to get the car sorted moving a lot of things that were in the car to the van and vice versa.

That job was actually easier than I had thought it would be so I went for a walk around the campsite.

Mt Carbine Caravan park is the old site of the Mt Carbine Mine Accommodation for workers and you get a sense of what the place was like for the workers when it was operational.

They had a large pool and you can imagine was well used with long hot days not uncommon in that area.

Disused Pool.

The nearby town of Mount Molloy, Qld was a quick day trip and arriving around lunch time I thought it only right to check out the pub.

Garlic Prawns

So with a full stomach I was off to explore the town and they wanted to keep the old town store but at some point it was demolished, but they kept the storefront… literally just the front there is nothing behind this building.

They were also a mining town with some artefacts left behind to remind everyone.

Building Ruins

Back to Mt Carbine I went for a drive to the nearby creek to get some off -roading experience in.

Not sure this counts as a river crossing

The good part of going here was that I could collect some firewood.

With everything packed and ready for an early start I headed down to the pub for dinner, a real outback pub that is full of character.

Dinner was a hamburger which was really nice. I then headed back to the park about 200m back up the road and got the fire started, which was a great way to spend my last night before heading off without the caravan.

So chilling out fireside on this Midlife Adventure.