Day 44 – 28/6/2019

It was a pretty quiet day I packed up the site at the Gold Coast, Qld and headed towards the Sunshine Coast and the town of Mudjimba, Qld.

I had hoped to get into Noosaville but they were booked out due to school holidays so I found this site.

Paying a premium rate for the School Holiday period I’ll be happy when the brats go back to school and rates can return to something far more reasonable!.

The weather was all over the place today with sunny warm patches and rain, apparently the sunny spots were warm enough to justify old men sitting around their caravans without shirts on… it was all of 19 degrees… it wasn’t warm enough for that!.

I kept my shirt firmly on and added a jumper to it and did my washing.

At $4 a load it will eventually pay for itself and does a pretty good job.

Feeling very unmotivated and wanting pizza it was off to the local pizza store for dinner. I’m hopeful for more motivation tomorrow as there are some good options on things to do in the local area.

Today this Midlife Adventure (r) is feeling unmotivated but its good to have a slow day after so many busy ones.