Day 111 – 3/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

I’ve arrived back in 2019 today to find out what life is like on a sheep & cattle station here in Central Queensland.

Nogo Station & Thompson River Cruise
Outback Pioneer Coach

Taking off from the Caravan park we head out to Nogo Station.

Brahman Cattle

The home of the Kinnon Family’s Daughter who run Outback Pioneer Tours is Nogo Station.

Upon arrival we head to the sheering shed.

Jeremy Kinnon is not quite as fast at some of the shearers at the show but does a good job and explains really well the process of shearing and classifying.

Everyone got given a small piece of the Merino Wool to feel and take with them.

Merino Wool

We then jump on the double Decker bus for a tour of some of the paddocks.

I got to sit on the top right at the front.

Someone opening one of the many gates

We worked our way from the shearing station to the water spots around the various paddocks.


There is one paddock with Donkey’s and Camels in it but really surprising with the amount of roo’s around the property.


Near the cattle yard the old cattle yard can still be seen.

Old Cattle Yard

When Captain Starlight (Harry Redford) branded his stolen cattle from Bowen Downs, Qld it is reported he did it in this area and quite possibly in these yards before driving the stock to South Australia.

Captain Starlights Camp, handy he had star pickets

We then head back into the homestead for “Smoko”

Jeremy Kinnon

Jeremy welcomes us to the homestead

Setup for Christmas
Handy to have one of these when you have wool

The morning tea is all homemade and absolutely delicious made by Abigail Kinnon it is served with Tea or Coffee.

The slices & sausage rolls with home made relish – YUMMY!

Then it was time to head back into town where the house cow and Bush Chooks (Emu’s) came to say goodbye.

Then resting back at the campsite in a nice 35 degrees and doing my washing, which didn’t take long to dry. I was then off on the night time entertainment.

This time Richard Kinnon picked us up and took us out to the Paddle Boat sharing some very funny stories on the way.

The Thomson River Cruise heads out and the captain shares stories of the river.

The views are breathtaking and the cheese, dip and crackers a great way to relax into the evening.

The paddleboat is diesel driven so not a steamer but a really great way to travel.

Soon we have turned around and heading back just as the sun sets behind the trees.

Sunset – Thomson River, Qld

Arriving back at the dock we disembark evenly from both sides to ensure that everyone isn’t on the same side of the boat at one time.

Lane Kinnon then gives us a run down of the nights events.

Lane Kinnon

In case we needed some assistance with holding our plates special tables were available for use.

Dinner is beef stew with mash and delightful.


Soon we are being entertained by Scotty the bush poet who starts off by reminding us of all of the horses who went to war, never to return. Many good bush horses.

Scotty the barefoot bush poet

We then shared some apple pie and custard for desert before heading back for the light & sound show.

The movie tells the full Captain Startlight story, you’ll need to come and experience it to learn how it ends for Captain Starlight.

Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and some fresh cooked damper we chatted with other guests.

Richard Managing the tills

The chicken however has seen it all before so it slept through the entire evening not moving once.

Happy Sleeping Chook

The evening ends with the national anthem sun by the crowd as the flag is raised in remembrance of the horses who fought for this country with their riders not always making it back and of which only one was brought back to Australia even though when they left the owners were told they would be returned. Lest we Forget.

The Kinnon family represent the Aussie bush hospitality that is sadly too lacking these days. Whilst yes it is a commercial venture the family are completely genuine people who will warmly welcome you to enjoy their adventure. We need to celebrate this culture and embrace it before we all become to politically correct and loose what makes Australia a great place.

That ends my stay here in Longreach, Qld as I head further west. Where will I land next on this Midlife Adventure.