Day 67 – 21/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

Further north with moving well into the tropics region now and even though it is winter you can still notice it more with the increased humidity.

Today’s journey was around 365km up the coast from Yeppoon, Qld to Bucasia, Qld just out of Mackay, Qld.

The more time I spend driving the van the more I find that some other drivers need to be more considerate. I get that towing a van is difficult as its a massive weight on the back of your car, however there are some simple things you can do. The first I recommend to everyone towing is a rear camera. I wouldn’t be without mine as it gives me clear vision on the traffic behind as a result I can pull to the side when safe and let cars pass me, generally as I go through towns.

The second is when in a passing lane slow down to let as much traffic behind you pass as it is a lot safer for them to do so there than into oncoming traffic. I had to pass a couple of van’s today who instead of slowing down when I went to pass accelerated making my pass more difficult.

Spending a few days at the beachfront caravan park today was a housekeeping day with washing well overdue.

View from my site…. I’m assuming that sign doesn’t apply to me?

You can take the boy out of Adelaide but you can’t take the Adelaide out of the boy so its really is a Farmers Union Iced Coffee… or its nothing.

Thanks IGA

During the washing I went for a walk down the beach and it is very tidal.

Should keep the croc’s at bay…

Whilst not common leather handbags (Croc’s) do come down this far so I don’t foresee me doing a lot of swimming also its still not warm enough for this one.

I did get some visitors whilst I was washing, they seemed to like some water so I assisted.

Plummed Whistling Duck

So that’t my day on this Midlife Adventure.