Day 59 – 13/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

Normally on a Saturday you’d find me heading off to a market. So not wanting to disappoint my audience it was by luck that I came across one as I returned to Hervey Bay, Qld.

Hervey Bay Saturday Market

However that wasn’t my reason for getting up at 5:30 and heading south, today it was off on a Whale Watching Cruise with Freedom Charters.

Heading out from Hervey Bay Port we motored towards Fraser Island, Qld. The coastline is very pristine and whilst there was a chance we might see dingo’s we didn’t today.

Fraser Island

It wasn’t long before we found our first pod of Whales first a single then a couple just cruising along.


Viewing was easy enough with a 3 level platform at the bow of the boat.

Heading out deeper we were on the hunt for a pair of whales we had been told were out that way. We couldn’t initially find them so we rested for lunch which was nice then all of a sudden right at the bow of the boat two massive whales breached.

Where whale was 2 seconds before the shutter closed

So as you can see I had a great experience of seeing a whale breach right in front of the boat… you however will have to go out and have your own cruise to have that experience as I didn’t capture it…

Following this we tried to find them again but they had moved on so we headed back and caught up with the pair from earlier who had made their way further down the coast.

They weren’t in a very playful mood but we were able to get a couple of close passes.

So after following them for a short time we headed back in for the day.

Whale says Goodbye!

Until one of the staff noticed some whales just off the starboard bow, that we had already passed. However the captain hooked around and we were given a show that money can’t buy. I would normally put a gallery in here with a number of pictures but these are very special so they appear in full screen for you.

Directly off the stern.
Not camera shy
Whale saying Hi!

And the money shot.

The captain parked the boat for about 20 minutes before the whales went away and we continued our journey back to shore.

I was able to capture some great video’s that if you have the volume turned up will hear the excitement of those travelling when the whales joined us.

So feeling slightly wind burnt but very content from this experience that is another day on this Midlife Adventure.