Day 68 – 22/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

I spent a bit of time with one of my roles in the Mackay, Qld region about 6 years ago at the time the region seemed to be struggling.

Driving around today that appears to have changed, the region has grown with many satellite suburbs popping up and big shopping centres now in the region.

I spent some time arranging travel further north and have now organised everything through to my Cape York journey.

The Mackay region is a major producer of Sugar and just like Bundaberg, Qld they are close to being harvested.

Sugar Cane

The marina area hasn’t changed a lot although the sign I recall seeing that a Crocodile had been spotted in the marina has now disappeared. Maybe the croc ate it?


In the harbour was HMAS Broome a small navy patrol boat. It looks like the fictional HMAS Hammersly from the TV Series Sea Patrol which sounds about right as that was based on the Armidale Class and in researching for this blog… it was actually used for the filming of the series.

HMAS Broome

Right on the harbour is a number of restaurants and and the fish and chips for $10 was really great.

Driving around the breakwater you can see the port operations and the loading/unloading of ships.

JNL Anant

Checking out the airport nothing much has changed, there is still roadworks. I’m not sure anyone has noticed that the roadworks in this area haven’t finished in 6 years. I’m not sure they don’t just re dig the same hole each week.

The Mackay Botanic Gardens is just out of town and a great walk that takes about 30 minutes.

Mackay Botanic Gardens

As it is now the tropics the gardens change quite a bit from those down south, more ferns and plants that can handle this extreme weather.

The below gallery include some of the plants on display.

Well that’s a wrap from the Mackay region as I continue the journey north tomorrow. It is an interesting Midlife Adventure when your home moves every couple of days but I think i’m getting good at packing down and setting up and look forward to what the next destination brings.