Day 71 – 25/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

The morning was spent with a drive to the nearby town of Proserpine, Qld where I had a look down the main street and at the nearby sugar refinery.

Just a bit out of town is the Proserpine Dam that supplies all of the water for the region. They release Barramundi each year for the local fishermen to go hunting. When building the dam they cleared the trees from around the edge to allow easy access for everyone into the water, however the rain’s came too fast and the dam filled. The result was the trees were left and now create a great place for the fish to hide and escape.

The Seabreeze Tourist Park each Thursday hold a dinner for guest to attend, this week was special Christmas in July party.

Around 100 guests of the park joined together to celebrate and help raise some money for a local charity.

Guests listening to music waiting for dinner

The band entertained us with some great tunes whilst we chatted about adventures had and to come.

Dinner was the typical Christmas fare of Roast Turkey, Ham and veg.

Roast Turkey
Roast Ham
No one went hungry with this selection

A special guest visit from the South Pole was naughty Santa who was feeling very jolly.

Raffles were held with money donated to a local charity, and auction held for some other experiences in the local region.

So a big Happy Christmas in July on this Midlife Adventure as I head further north in the morning (when i recover from a big night!)