Day 66 – 20/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

Heading back into Rockhampton, Qld today I went exploring and discovered a very interesting historic town.

Some great old solid buildings

You can tell it was a major town and they have done a great job of maintaining these buildings.

The main shopping strip is good although I didn’t stop.

Main Street

The town is banked by the Fitzroy River, and it has had a few flooding events with the most recent being 2011.

High water mark, from the levy.

The built up levy looks like it would do a good job of protecting the main town but those on the flood plain side will want a set of floats.

Just out of town is the Capricorn Caves, a limestone cave formation that has an informative tour.

Arriving at 10:05 I missed the 10am tour and had to wait until the 11am started.

Cave Entrance

The walk is quite interesting and you can see stalactites and stalagmites plus some cave art this one is apparently a camel.

Camel apparently.

The highlight of the tour is the cathedral where they perform weddings. Unfortunately my pictures are no good of this, here is a link from Capricorn Caves.

Courtesy – Capricorn Caves Website.

The exit starts of with a zig zag section that would not be recommended for those who get claustrophobia.

Then you cross two suspension bridges.

They move… alot

So that brings my trip to the Rockhampton/Yeppoon region as I’m off again tomorrow to continue my Midlife Adventure.