Day 65 – 19/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

On the road again… it was a big of a horrid start the caravan park in 1770 has quite a few trees and whilst parking wasn’t so bad due to the campsite across from mine vacant at the time, it wasn’t when I left.

This meant a difficult exit which was planned to be in a spot a few sites down until just as I was arriving someone with their boat decided to park in that spot. Then I went hunting for another spot to turn, tried one, failed, tried further down, no room. So I backed up about 150m to my originally planned spot by this time the boat had finally gone and I was able to swing it around. If nothing else I can be impressed by my reversing of a caravan.

It was a bigger slog than I have been completing at about 300km along the Bruce Highway through Rockhampton, Qld to Yeppoon, Qld.

I went past the big Crab I got a picture but its pretty crap, I also went past the big Camel, which to me looked the same size as a camel.

Settling in at the caravan park it was off to do some shopping (what seems a never ending exercise)

The beaches around here do look great but with my 25 deg minimum not having been met for swimming its a view only exercise.

Yeppoon, Qld

In the distance to the right hand side of that picture you can see Great Keppel Island, Qld.

Then it was back to the site and prepare dinner where I have the sound of someone listening to doof doof music and a dog who has been barking for about 1.5 hrs. Anyway the joys of travelling on this Midlife Adventure.