Day 42 – 26/6/2019

The rain hasn’t stopped so time to find something to do that keeps me out of it. Now last night there was a draw for $80Million. Unfortunately for me I am not the winner 🙁

However I did win $16.80 but had to drive back into NSW to collect it which doubled as a good chance to drop in to Kmart and stock back up on Fishing gear. Thanks Tweed Heads, NSW Kmart.

Also needing something new was the Prado, it needed some new boots, some very expensive rubber.


Thanks to Bridgestone Nerang for getting the job done so fast.

It was then off to Tamborine Mountains just out of the Gold Coast, they have a Glow Worm cave. When in NZ I missed out on visiting the Glow Worm cave due to vandals the day before we were meant to attend.

I also took the time to check out the main street.

Tamborine Main Street

The views from that high up are very spectacular and gave the new tyres a good workout.

View towards the valley

Getting back in time to jump into an Uber and head off to the Outback Spectacular. I have been a couple of times before (based on the number of hats I have 3 times) but this is a new show and its always a good experience.

Outback Spectacular

The current show is about a farming family suffering through the drought and the events that go on around them. Its a good show and details well what life on the farm is like. In addition to a 3 course dinner and drinks for the evening.

With another day complete I am enjoying this Midlife Adventure. Ta