Day 112 – 4/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Moving on from Longreach, Qld I head 180km west to Winton, Qld.

Winton, Qld

Winton is a small town which as I learnt is not the home of Winton Raceway as that is in Victoria!.

It is however the hometown of the Waltzing Matilda Centre due to the fact that the poem was written by Banjo Patterson near here.

Waltzing Matilda Museum

The Waltzing Matilda Centre provides the story of the poem and the life of those in the district that helped to form it.

Also part of the museum is the Qantilda Museum a collection of items from the district.

In 2015 the Waltzing Matilda Centre was gutted by fire destroying many items that it once held. This museum opened in 2018, some items that were burnt but not fully destroyed have since been repaired including this horse.

The fact that I have been reading the Banjo Patterson life history has meant that I had a good understanding of the history and story so I didn’t need to read through all of the information boards however if you haven’t read his book they are very informative. I do however recommend reading the book as it is tells the story of early Australia pre WWII.

Banjo Patterson

Just on the outskirts of town is the Musical Fence, a collection of scrap metal that you can use to belt out a tune. I’m sure for those with a more musical ear than mine, to me it just sounded like rusty metal being hit.

Musical Wall

Taking a chance in the 36 degrees to jump in the pool it doesn’t quite equate to just how cold the water is up here with such warm days.

That evening it was off to Australia’s second oldest outdoor seated cinema the Royal Theatre Winton.

Sorry about blury shots

It was nostalgia evening so we were given the experience of the early talkies and some cartoons and regional advertising.

Upcoming release

The museum includes items collected over the years and the production is still done through the early light rod projectors.

It is also home to the Worlds Largest Deck Chair.

It was a fantastic night out and for the princely sum of $8 a very affordable night out.

So a quick stop here at Winton as I hit the road tomorrow further west on this Midlife Adventure.