Day 270 – 10/2/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today is all about the Port Lincoln harbour also known as Boston Bay.

This started with a lovely sunrise at just before 7am. Oh the joy of being back in SA where the sun rises at a much more reasonable time.

After a leisurely breakfast I made my way down to the marina to board Triple Bay Charters – Sealion & Aquaculture Bay Cruise.

Peter our skipper for our 3 hour cruise explained the various boats in the harbour and their targeted catches. The prawn trawlers for example work around 56 nights of the year…. now how do I get a job doing that!

The tuna fleet are also based here and some where heading out to do various maintenance items.

As it is a safe harbour various international boats also stop in for maintenance and repairs from time to time such as this sailing boat… that’d do to sail the world.

Some lucky people also live around the harbour and the property prices on many of the houses are cheap compared to a Sydney car park.

Following some important information we make our way out to the Mussel leases where the crews are doing some repairs to one of the lines.

The local mussels are apparently less chewy than the NZ Greenlip version I might have to try some.

The water clarity in the harbour is amazing and we did get a very nice day to spend some time out on the water.

In the background are some Pacifc Gull nests built out of rocks with some of the rocks so big you wonder how they lifted them in place.

Some dolphin friends came by to say hello.

Before disappearing back to find some wayward fish hanging around the Kingfish pens.

The Kingfish pens are now off limits for viewing, last time I went on this tour (many years ago) we were able to pull up along side and see them in action but rules and regs mean we can no longer do this.

Boston Bay, SA

Making our way further along the coast we stop at a nearby island where the Fur Seals have established a base to hang around and rest.

Some joined us in the water for a bit of a play.

Some were so excited to see us they couldn’t help but jump for joy.

The resident Sea Lion though just thought we were annoying so went back to sitting in the sun.

Sea Lion – In the middle of the picture

The birds didn’t seem to care much either.

Lesser Crested Turn (probably)

So with a farewell from the seals we were on our way to the beach.

The beach is known as picnic beach where if you have a boat or can out swim the sharks in the area can set yourself up for the day.

We anchored up here to enjoy some A grade Tuna Sashimi and Peter explained to us how to blend the flavours of the condiments he provided with it to balance out the flavours.

This was really nice and something I hadn’t done before as the last time I did this tour the captain forgot to bring it with him that day, so this was worth the revisit just for that!.

So after enjoying this little break we fast tracked it back to the pier so the afternoon fishing tour could go out. I headed inland to the Boston Bay Wines and tried some of their wines before heading back to the caravan park for dinner.

The moonrise here is as good as the stairway to heaven that people go to Broome, WA to witness… it is apparently a secret here in Port Lincoln.

So another day comes to an end and my visit to Port Lincoln concludes with me continuing my journey up the coast tomorrow on this Midlife Adventure.