Day 266 – 6/2/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today it’s a moving day so a pack-up from Streaky Bay and a 160km down the Eyre Peninsula to the beachside town of Elliston, SA.


After setting up the van I head into the small town for a bite of lunch at the Bakery.

The town has painted many of the buildings to celebrate their heritage.

It is rugged coast line up this way with some great lookouts to enjoy the scenery. One of the main journey’s has some artwork to enjoy with the views.

There was a snake enjoying some warmth on the road, although I am not convinced he wasn’t permanently sleeping.

Following that drive I also took a walk along the jetty which was very windy today.

So a short but sweet say in Elliston, SA but a lovely spot to visit on this Midlife Adventure.