19/2/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today my parents decided to come out to wine country and join in on my travels for the day.

We headed off to the nearby Taylors Winery where we were able to enjoy a few tastings. We just missed Tony Abbott ex PM of Australia who was there just before us.

After the tastings we gave had a Scoopon platter to enjoy with a glass of wine.

Just down the road is the town of Mintaro and the classic home of Martindale Hall.

Once used as the set for Picnic at Hanging Rock, it is a long way from Hanging Rock.

The house has been kept in its original condition and you get a great understanding of how the property was when used as a home.

We made our way around the downstairs area first which was the main living area including a massive billiards table.

We then make our way upstairs to the bedrooms.

The biggest choice of the day was at the top of the first flight of stairs do you turn left or right.

It is a very interesting building and you can imagine how it was living there in its day. Their bathroom was larger than my caravan that I have been living in.

Coach House

On a sprawling estate there are many outbuildings including this coach house.

So after finishing up our tour we headed into Clare for a walk around then another winery before they headed home. So another interesting day on this ongoing Midlife Adventure