Day 260 – 31/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

So the journey across is aided finally by lower temperature planned to be only 26 degrees.

Stopping along the journey to break up the drive we stopped in at Mundrabilla.

Then again at Eucla, our last stop before the WA Border.

Then it was time to leave WA and after 10 months arrive back into South Australia.

Whilst there is a separate timezone between Perth and South Australia that changes by 45 minutes I didn’t observe that one. I did however change the clocks over as soon as I arrived back in SA so enjoy some Daylight Savings.

We’re trying to put some decent km behind us today with the aim to make it to Streaky Bay, however as we get closer we hear reports of bad weather hitting Adelaide so we change plans.

The road doesn’t change much out here the scenery is really interesting.

The treeless plains are a massive expanse with nothing as far as the eye can see.

Stopping in at the lookout we got a chance for a walk and the iconic Nullarbor view of Southern Australia.

The town of Nullarbor is well everything you see above, so after grabbing a bite we keep going.

The last thing you need after a long days driving is an idiot in front of you… so I go to overtake this guy and unlike a reasonable driver who would slow to let you pass this car speeds up, so I have a second attempt later and he repeats the process again only to also get the wobbles up as I go to pass…. drivers like this give all caravaners a bad name and its just crap driving.. if its you feel free to contact me and I’ll repeat what I said over the UHF for everyone else to hear!

With the weather not getting any better we stop in an Penang, SA the home of the Windmill Museum.

The park is a nice location just next door and with an easy drive through site we were ready for the drive through to commence tomorrow.

So back in South Australia the loop is almost complete on this Midlife Adventure.