Day 269 – 9/2/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Leaving the van behind I head out of town to the nearby town of Tumby Bay, about 60km to the North.

Tumby Bay

A small farming/fishing town that seems to have retirement as the main occupation of the town.

This adds to my existing collection of Silo Art and is another great example of what excellent canvas they make.

They have a jetty which makes a great spot for some jetty jumping and fishing, neither which I do but I can enjoy others giving it a go. Stopping in the pub for a lovely lunch of Garlic prawns I head back into Port Lincoln.

Visiting the Railway Museum I have a look at the rail history for the town.

The rail has long since been replaced for much of the work by road transport however some rail operations still exist here although quiet today and once included passenger services… oh please bring that back!

So finishing up at the museum I head to the wharf area and drop the line for a spot of fishing.

Some friendly locals also dropped in to say hello including a pod of dolphins and a fur seal. These did nothing to help keep the fish around and whilst I did land some they all went back in as too small to be bothered filleting… sorry mum no fillets for you.

That pretty much wraps up another day on this Midlife Adventure back here in Port Lincoln.