Day 1 – 17th May 2019

I am finally on the road, for the next 12 months (or so) this is my life… due to some last minute jobs that needed to be finished on the caravan I wasn’t able to leave from Adelaide until around 1pm.

This limited the distance to travel and I had originally planned on making my first stop in Waikerie. So I selected the Waikerie Holiday Park as my first location and hit the road after saying my goodbyes to my parents.

Driving through Truro there is a hill you go over and in front of you is the plateau, it is an amazing view and had me thinking of the many miles of roads ahead and the views yet to see.

Arriving at the park I setup camp and headed into town to fill up on supplies having now passed the Fresh Fruit and Veg quarantine zone, I can now stock up.

Taking the opportunity for a quick ferry ride to view the sunset I headed just out of town.

The view from the ferry back towards the caravan park.

Tonight’s dinner was spent eating a burger made by a local cafe enjoying an excellent view of the river.

I think I can get used to this kind of view.

It’s a Midlife Adventure