Day 262 – 2/2/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

It’s the last day here for my travelling companion and pup so we head out for a quick tour around the Streaky Bay region.

Just out on the peninsula is the Whistling Rock a blowhole best seen at high tide… we were there not at high tide.

The walk down to the viewing platform was along a nice elevated pathway.

Whistling Rock

Coming back into town we followed the foreshore and found a sand castle.

So heading back site I spent the afternoon resting and Steve spent the day packing his car ready for the trip home.

That afternoon we headed out for a fish at the local jetty and got a reasonable haul of Tommy Rough (Australian Herring).

After filleting them up we enjoyed some in milk and flour and saved the rest for another day. So that’s another big day on this Midlife Adventure.