17/2/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

So this is the first of my blog posts after completing my lap of Australia.

I discovered that in my rush to get to Clare I had missed a Painted Silo in the town of Wirrabara about 100km west of Clare heading towards the Flinders Rangers.

So I headed out from Clare and went north and through many farming towns including Georgetown.

The buildings long forgotten by their original inhabitants stand majestically in these small towns.

Each town has a couple of pubs, these days usually only one of them struggles on.

Most of these were at one time on the train line, some still are but the trains no longer stop in.

Home to poet C J Dennis who grew up here it is also the home to Golden North Icecream.

This is as close as you can get to this home of Icecream goodness!


Continuing the journey I arrive in Wirrabara and make my way to the nearby Silo’s

I also visited towns like Jamestown where I had completely forgotten I had ever been to until I was driving past the caravan park. The last time I was here was when I was 12/13 so a long time ago.

In one of the towns at the school I found this a little concerning… an upside down Australian flag. I’m not sure if it was the country was in distress or we just aren’t teaching the kids respect for the flag.

These buildings really represent a time when Australia was successful off of the sheeps back.

The area is supported by pipped water from the river murray a much better system than open channels for moving water around a very dry state.

So back to the site it is a great day out exploring this region and happy to add another SiloArt project to my list.

Everyday is an adventure on a Midlife Adventure.