Day 177 – 8/11/2019 on a Midlife Adventure at Sea

Today is Lifou in New Caledonia. It is a small island that I have visited before and toured so today I am just planning on spending some time on the beach.

As they do not have port facilities big enough for our ship we get the joy of tendering to shore.


A tender is a lifeboat that they use to shuttle passengers ashore they fit around 120 people in and when all 3000 of your fellow guests decide to disembark at the same time getting off can be a slow process.

Lifou is easy to spot with the church on the hill. I have never managed to make the effort to walk up to it but those who have say its is very interesting.

Over the last few years with the ever increasing number of cruise ships visiting the port facilities at these islands has been improving.

On shore they have some market stalls, however nothing that interests me so I head to the beach to do some snorkling.

You can easily keep an eye on the ship from the shore and the snorkelling is ok but not great.

After a bit of a swim it was back onboard to relax before heading to dinner. Tonight I enjoyed a bit of a surf and turf feast.


So with some snails in my belly I dig into a prawn cocktail

Tonight’s main course is a surf and turf special.

The evening entertainment is the Love and Marriage game show, a quiz show where 3 married couples are on stage who seperate to answer some questions about their partner before returning and swapping out. This is a fun evening and you learn a lot more about your fellow guests than you probably want to know.

With some laughs and a full belly it is off to bed ready for tomorrows adventure. The Midlife Adventure continues…