Day 149 – 11/10/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

With all of this travelling there is a point in which you have visited lots of museums, learnt a lot of history and can become museumed out. None the less off to the Broome Museum I go.

I have found that even though this can be the feeling going in it rarely is the feeling once you’ve been through. You come away with a better understanding of the place you are in and their history and the history of Australia.

Broome Museum
Broome Museum

The Broome Museum covers the history of the Pearl Divers, the War coming to Australia and the bombings and the impact from Cyclones over the years in addition to other local history.

The Japanese and Chinese have had a long involvement in the Broome region with the discovery of Pearls this is also seen evident in the large Chinatown area in the heart of the city.

From freeskin diving to the compressed air suits that allowed divers to reach far greater depths, you learn about the history and dangers involved from the elements and the snap happy animals that cruise these waters.

Established as a key communications point from Asia the cable that connected Australia to the world was laid to Broome and travels along a section of coast known now days as “Cable Beach”

The war had a big impact on the region as it had in Darwin and Cape York/Thursday Island. Whilst so much history is given to the bombing of Darwin it is not until you travel up here that you realise just how much of the north suffered losses and how far down south the war came.

Flying boat

You learn the fate of the many Dutch that died during the bombing while their pilots rested from the flight and the heroics of Charlie D’Antoine a aboriginal man who was involved with the refueling of the planes and during the bombing helped guide people to safety.

So with a better understanding of the history of Broome I headed back to enjoy the comfort of the pool at the caravan park.

With the sun setting and my appreciation for Cable Beach I headed onto the sand to get the iconic Broome picture. The camels.

Camel Rides at Sunset

So as the Sun sets…

… and the moon rises another great day on this Midlife Adventure comes to a close.