Day 170 – 1/11/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

The holiday inside the holiday starts today with a short (400km) drive back from Broome, WA to Fitzroy Crossing, WA where my mate has agreed to look after my van while I go away.

Fitzroy Crossing Visit 2

The day didn’t start well with none of the van lights working, this is the first time that Sid (200 Series Landcruiser) has towed the van so back to the 12v shop to find all of the globes had blown.

Thankfully they were able to fit me in quickly and it was off east.

Arriving in Fitzroy Crossing my friend showed me where to store the van and we headed back to his place.

How great it is that I can be so remote in Australia and the courtesy of other people amazes me. Spending some more time with my mate and his young family we enjoy some Friday night drinks and head to a nearby friends place for some Texas Holdem Poker. I didn’t do well and was the 3rd person out but for someone who hasn’t played before I thought that was really good. However it gave me more time for drinking and a great night was had.

With a sore head I head to bed, my first real bed in a very long time ready and another great day on this Midlife Adventure.