Day 153 – 15/10/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Packing up and heading south from Broome, WA its time to start the journey southwards.

I’m pretty good at packing up so everything is done in its order and quickly i’m on the road and heading out of town.

Stopping in at the Roebuck Roadhouse, WA I picked up some breakfast then headed down south.

The journey was as normal uneventful trip although there was a 7.5m wide load to pass that was fun.

Cruising along I did notice something unusual on the caravan in the mirrors it looks like the van might have cracked.

As I was keeping an eye on it something far more concerning appeared… white smoke.

Slowing down to check out the van something more noticeable occurred it ran very rough.

I checked what looked like a crack and was glad to find it was chewing gum… mind you I think the prick who spat it out as I passed a prick!.

Starting up again the motor was not happy. I got going but pulled in a few km up the road again with things not improving but with phone reception 1 bar at 3g and i’ll take that.

So not wanting to push the car I pulled up and rang RAA to get roadside to tow me back better be safe than sorry.

The handy part about having a van is there is some where comfortable to relax while you wait 2hrs to be picked up.

So the post is titled Broome-uda Triangle so it might be helpful to explain why….

When you meet people around town there are an unusually high number of stories about people who visited x number of years ago and are still there.

I think there is a mystical force that surrounds Broome that prevents you from leaving so much so that I struck it and well I think i’m now destined to stay here. So nice to have travelled and if i’m never heard from again… its clear that Broome has me in its grips and i’m stuck here!

So not sure which dimension i’m in but the full moon last night and the breakdown have me suspicious that i’m not in Kansas any more on this Midlife Adventure.