Day 144 – 6/10/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Heading out early from Fitzroy Crossing, WA I was on the road early to beat the heat again and on the way to Broome, WA.

The journey is around 400km and its a pretty flat track with a number of single lane bridges as you pass the channel country.

Decisions – I’ll go <—-

With the service stations in Fitzroy Crossing all down I stopped in at Willare Bridge Roadhouse.

Willare Bride Roadhouse

They have a caravan park on site however I was ready to keep going.

Pretty sure that’s a long way from everywhere.

They do have the biggest sausage rolls I’ve ever seen, and they are quite yummy!.

Fills a plastic tub!

After some more driving I arrived into Broome, WA.

Welcome to Broome

This marks another major milestone in this journey I have now completed water from north to south and east to west. Some people actually collect water at each location, I am not that organised.

Southern end Cable Beach

It was nice to enjoy the seabreeze for a while listening to an Audio book and drinking… hrrm softdrink officer.

Actually supporting what I have discovered over the last few days the lifestyle here is really something to be admired. This beach is a gathering point for locals to come with their kids or dogs or just to catch up with friends in the evening on a Sunday and have a swim. The feeling was that this was a common occurrence, in the city Sunday evening is more about preparing for the week ahead than taking the time to relax with friends.

Not quite sunset

It was then back to the caravan to write up some blogs that I couldn’t update due to Internet issues before crashing ready for another week on this Midlife Adventure.