Day 234 – 5/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Taking the opportunity to sleep in and recover from the prior day I head out to the nearby town of Busselton to explore the seafront.

Busselton, WA

The Busselton Jetty extends almost 2km out to sea and is due to the shallow waters that extend out.

Today I was lucky as there was a market on so I headed along to see what was on offer.

From here I head out to the Jetty ready for a train ride.

The jetty has a train to save you having to walk the entire length so I got a ticket for that and the aquarium at the end of the jetty.

At the end of the journey we all disembark and some go exploring the jetty whilst those with aquarium tickets head in for the tour.

The entire structure was built in Fremantle and towed down then bolted to the sea floor.

After the tour I head out to the end of the Jetty where they have murals of actual size whales on the deck.

On the way back I got to watch some of the young people jetty jumping.. good to see people still do that.. i’m sure there is a WHS officer somewhere trying to stop it.

Back on dry land I head out for a bite of fish and chips then wonder along the foreshore.