Days 250 to 252 on 21/1/2020 to 23/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure

Days 250/251 were spent doing laundry and staying out of the weather.

Day 252 I headed out starting in the morning at Stonehenge. No I didn’t go all the way over to England, they have rebuilt it here in Esperance, WA.

Stonehenge WA is built to the same dimensions and scale as the UK original version and has some very sizeable pieces of sandstone from a nearby quarry.

There is an alter for I guess sacrifices and this is lined up for the sun on the summer and winter equinox.

So heading out I am very impressed and hope that the gods have blessed me and I head off to Cape Le Grand National Park.

Cape Le Grand National Park
Frenchman’s Peak

There is a walk up the side of the mountain right up the top are little people… well I assume they are normal size people but they look very little from down here and as much as I’ve put myself through pain to bring you this blog… i’m not going up there!

Lucky Bay

From there it is on to Lucky Bay where even with the temperature was in the low 20’s people were out swimming again not me!.

Rossiter Bay

Moving onto Rossiter Bay it isn’t as nice so explains why there isn’t many people out here and its a long a dirt road.

Thistle Cove

The next bay to stop in was Thistle Cove where they have the Whistling rock, what it does is reflects the sounds the sounds of rolling waves was all I heard.

The park recently had a fire go through and it is amazing to see the difference from one side of the road to the other.

From there I headed around to Le Grand Beach where you can drive 22km of the beach. I only went about 1km up and back as the last thing I wanted was to get stuck in the sand and have to dig my way out.

Heading back into town I watched as one of the ships departed.

They have an interesting waterfront sculptures including this whale.

Moving onto the Museum that is open from 1:30 – 4:30 daily.

One of the interesting stories about Esperance is that the original space station (Skylab) crashed here when NASA tried to bring it back to earth. At the time the city of Esperance billed NASA $400 for littering, a fine that remained unpaid for over 30 years but has since been sorted out.

I have put some of the images together of the main highlights from the museum, however it is well laid out and the information interesting. I rate it as a good quality museum and worth the visit probably not with young kids that like to run around and make lots of noise cause that just gets annoying for everyone else!

Anyway it is good to get back to visiting places on this Midlife Adventure.