Day 201 – 3/12/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

So the 1000km yesterday and 850km today as I head south in a hurry.

The first challenge of the day was to escape the Broome-uda Triangle and I passed where the Prado died. A minutes silence was held.

Stopping in at Sandfire Roadhouse for a toilet stop and some breakfast one of the backpackers who had been working there was trying to get to Perth so I offered her a lift as far as Port Headland.

Stopping for a short break at Pardoo we hit the road again for Port Headland.

As she was wanting to get south that day I took her for a quick tour of the Port area at Port Headland.

Dropping her safely at the truckstop I kept going as I still had a couple of hundred km to go and they day was starting to fly.

The road seems to go on forever up here and there are very few towns you pass.

Passing through Roebourne it was very interesting as I was listening to Red Dog the Audio book and it was referenced to just as I arrived.

Arriving into Karratha I headed across the salt plains to Dampier.

My timing wasn’t perfect but close I was at the part in the book where Red Dog takes sick so I paused it there for the compulsory selfie.

Settling in to the Dampier Short term rest I headed back to Karratha for a big fan to keep me comfortable until I can get this aircon sorted.

Well another big day on this Midlife Adventure and I’m buggered so off to bed.