Day 209 – 11/12/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Heading off again and further down south this time to the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

The road into many of these peninsula’s are very straight roads with sand dunes on each side.

The town of Denham is a lovely coastal town and is the gateway for the nearby Monkey Mia.


On the way out of town heading to the Aquarium there is a painted blue tree. There are a number of these I have started to spot around the country and they are to recognise the R U OK movement for the prevention of Suicide.


Arriving at the Ocean Park Aquarium I got out of the car and went in.

The have a variety of marine species.

Of course they have some sharks which you get to watch them feed during the tour.

Near the Aquarium they have some beaches and one of them has a thong shelter where people staple their thong onto the structure.

There is also plenty of native animals in the region.

So resting up I’m ready for another nights sleep on this Midlife Adventure.