Day 245 – 16/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today it is another winery tour this time with Denmark Wine Lovers Tours.

With such a big bus there is only a total of 3 people heading out today, the operator prides himself on the fact that they will run a tour with a minimum of 2. Many other companies could learn from this kind of dedication to what they do.

Denmark, WA

Our first stop of the day was to the Duckett’s Mill Winery and Cheese factory.

After tasting a selection of excellent cheese we were given the opportunity to try some white and red wines followed by some fortified.. I think I had died and gone to heaven… cheese, fortifieds… oh yummy what a great breakfast!

Moving on to Rockcliffe Cellar Door we sit with the owner who provides a tasting of their range and some great wines to enjoy. Many drinking very well straight away. I may be back here Friday as they have a food truck market here.

Sorry about the blurry photo… i’m blaming the wine!

Moving on we arrive at Rising Star Winery where we get not only a taste but some great information on grafting wines and the way wine is produced and how they can change a vineyard whilst maintaining the root stock.

Moving on to lunch we arrive at The Lakehouse where I order a tasting platter for lunch and a glass of their Riesling.

We test out the Denmark Heritage Cider Company who use traditional cider apples from the UK grown locally here in WA. This is different than many companies who grow eating apples and turn them into cider.

Arriving at Singlefile Wines we are able to enjoy their range.

It is amazing how so many wineries so close to each other can have such different flavour profiles across their wines. The new age Chardonay’s have come a long way from the old ones that needed a knife and fork to get through.

Finishing our day at Estate 807 I don’t add to my buys for the day but enjoy their range. One of the most interesting books that has done the winery circuit for a few years now is the Winery Dogs book. It is a great book to flick through and see how man’s best friend is helping the wineries.

After a belly full of wine Dave and at the end of a great day out exploring the guide drops us all back home where I take the opportunity to relax the evening away before updating my blog.. the first one I’ve been up to date on for over two months on this Midlife Adventure.