Day 148 – 10/10/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today I decided to back track and check out a town I missed on the way to Broome, WA as I had the van on the back so it was off to Derby, WA I went.

Derby, WA
Main street Derby, WA

Town is pretty basic it has some shops but overall a pretty quiet place.

Old Derby Woolshed

Then off to the Port area.

Handy there was a fish and chip shop and with my ongoing love of Garlic Prawns I was well looked after.

The mangrove section to the right of the port looks like a great place for a swim… to anyone with a death wish.

The flats on the way into town provide an amazing oasis look that you are sure looks like water but just keeps going further and further out.

Its a mirage

Just out of town is a Prison Tree, similar to the one I saw in Wyndham, WA.

Boab Prison Tree

The road in to the Prison tree includes a windmill and water trough

The journey was back through Channel country where I spotted a fresh water croc which isn’t easy at speed but just one of those things I do for my readers.

A whirlly whirlly was whipping up some dust and actually crossed just as a van went through, i’m sure it was fun for them.

Back in town I saw the camels heading down for the sunset rides.

So with almost 400km done in a day I cranked the aircon on in the van and relaxed the late afternoon away on this Midlife Adventure.