Day 254 – 25/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Another easy day and a quiet morning. There was a farmers market at the Scout hall that took me longer to walk to/from my car than it did to walk around the market.

I then headed up to the shops to sort out the long weekend food and some of the things I might need for the trip across the Nullabor.

In the afternoon it was time for the races so I got dressed and headed out.

I watched a few of the races and had some drinks. I didn’t do very well at my bets with no wins for the afternoon. Oh well it was still a nice day out.

After that I headed back in time for dinner where I made myself a hamburger. I recon it looks pretty awesome.

Being Australia Day weekend I have kitted out the van.

So with the Top 100 on many peoples radio’s I chilled out alongside my van and relaxed on this Australia Day eve on this Midlife Adventure.