Day 249 – 20/1/2020 on a Birthday on a Midlife Adventure.

So it’s my birthday and I’ve turned 41. This time last year I was in Fiji with some of the family celebrating my 40th Birthday.

Today however I am in Esperance, WA with a day to explore the town.

Starting with the foreshore I drive around town, stopping for a quick bite for breakfast.


Having a look at the port area where they ship Iron Ore from the Kalgoolie Mines.

Making my way out of town I follow the tourist route which takes you along the spectacular coast line.

The blue in the waters here is very impressive and if it was warmer than 21 degrees I might consider actually getting wet… however today its a good day to view it from a distance.

The bay is surrounded by islands which helps protect it during the bad weather along the southern coasts.

It does however have a very good rolling surf that curves around the beaches.

Whilst I’m not brave enough to go into the water plenty were.

The road continues around to the Pink Lake… that since the 70’s has lost its pink hue and now is apparently a Not Pink Lake… I think someone should update the sign as the pink is definitely not what they show in the brochures. After that I head back to the town and check in at the Information centre for ideas on the next few days before spending some time relaxing back in the caravan park before heading out for tea.

Being my birthday I celebrated with some cake back at the caravan.

Blackforest Cake Slice – Thanks Bakery

I then headed out to the coast again to watch the sun set on this Birthday day on this Midlife Adventure.