Day 258 – 29/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Time to make the move back to SA and hit the Nullarbor so a quick pack up at the Esperance site and i’m heading out.

There were some guests onboard one of the P&O ships arriving so i’m sure I wont be missed today.

Heading north I caught up with someone I had met in Broome, WA and by coincidence was travelling across the Nullarbor at the same time as I was so we’ll travel together in convoy.

After filling up in Norseman we head east to the start of the big straight run.

Arriving into Fraser Range, WA we head out to Fraser Range Station where we setup for the night.

Fraser Range Station is a working sheep station about 200km east of Norseman and a great spot for our first night.

After setting up and resting I got ready for dinner and smelt smoke, worried that there might be a fire nearby I headed outside.

Seems that it was just a wind direction change and brought fires that have been going since Christmas back towards where we were staying. The winds however were quite strong and a little concerning.

The farm also has some camels and it was nice to see some as I haven’t seen any (wild) as I’ve made my way down the WA coast.

We head down to the station kitchen for dinner which is a nice relief from the flies that descended.

A nice Roast Chicken dinner so with a full belly I head to bed for a good nights rest to continue the journey across the Nullarbor on this Midlife Adventure.