Day 255 – 26/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure on Australia Day.

Today town is holding a special market & fair at the nearby park so I head down there to take a look.

They have some steam motor exhibits with many machines from times long past restored and working like just out of the factory.

They also had a selection of restored vehicles as far back as the Model T.

After the market I head down to the beach to enjoy a swim. Today I chose the Le Grand beach in the National Park where you can drive onto the beach which is great with a tailgate as I can sit in the shade and relax after the swim.

Australia Day

For dinner I chow down on some lamb to continue my Australia Day celebrations.

Australia is a great country and I have been fortunate enough to visit much of it over this past year. I feel very lucky to live in this great country and look forward to the rest of the journey on this Midlife Adventure.