Day 220 – 22/12/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

So the family exploration continues today and we start in the Kings Park area.

Enjoying a quick breakfast and some coffee before we started our exploring of the park.

The King’s park area is the home to the War Memorial, on Anzac day may people make the trek up to here for the dawn service.

We then moved further down the road to the Firefighter memorial.

My brother and I then walked to the top of the lookout. Something I would regret for the following 48 hours as my legs reminded me that i’m unfit!

We then walk over to the sky bridge where we cross whilst enjoying the views of the city and sounds of a mad woman.

The family

Mum & I then walk back to the car, well I walk back to the car, she walks half way back.

We then rescue my dad and brother who are at a nearby carpark before making our way along the coast and arriving into Hillary’s where the markets are on and we grab a bite to eat and a well deserved drink.

Then we make our way back to Perth where we head into Crown entertainment complex for dinner.

Then a drive around the new sports precinct I drop them all off and head back to my Caravan in Fremantle.