Day 195 – 199 – 27th November to 1st December 2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Well it was a great drive heading out early from Fitzroy Crossing I made Kununurra late afternoon. It is over a 1000km drive so a very big day that during my previous journey was over about a week and I did the drive today in 1 day.

The main reason to do the km was that the van had been shut down for almost a month and was going to need some time to cool down and a big shop was important so being in a major town was really important.

My visit to Kununurra was for a job interview which was held on the Friday.

I used the extra time to binge stream and do some washing.

The wet season started to show its head during my visit.

So interview completed and washing done I’m heading West once more and aiming to stay at Fitzroy Crossing.

Some big days on this Midlife Adventure.