Day 135 – 27/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Well my time in the Northern Territory is coming to an end today as I continue the journey west cross the boarder into Western Australia.

Victoria River, near Timber Creek, NT

Only 250km to go today and that is good as the caravan fridge did not appreciate such a long period without power so will probably take a few days to recover.

The amazing sights continue as I make the journey west.

Soon enough Australia’s version of the border wall came into view.

Quarantine Checkpoint

I was in luck as I had done my research and my left over tomatoes and onions were all cooked up last night and safe to pass through. I did have to sacrifice some cut wood but i’m sure they have that in Western Australia although I doubt as good as this stuff was!

Welcome to Western Australia

So another state finished and I really enjoyed my time in the Top End and I am sure I’ll be back another time!

Kununurra, WA
Welcome to Kununurra

After getting settled in at the Kimberlyland Waterfront Holiday Park, I headed out to fill up on supplies.

Dropping in at the Information Centre I worked out my plan of attack for the next week which includes back tracking as I didn’t realise the turn off was before Kununurra, WA.

Today however saw me head out for a drop of Australian Rum at the Hoochery Distillery.

Hoochery Distillery

I tried their Chocolate & Coffee Liqueur, the White Rum and their 56% proof fire starter. The Cascade water helped put out the fire.

Then heading off to the Sandalwood shop I made my skin all beautiful.

The Sandalwood Shop

Nearby is the Ivanhoe Crossing, whilst I considered driving across it was flowing pretty fast and I would have just turned around and come back again so I just took a picture.

Ivanhoe Crossing

Heading back into town I went up to the lookout at Kelly’s Knob.

View from Kelly’s Knob.
Kelly’s Knob, there it a 2km walk up there… at 37 degrees I’m not taking it

Then as the afternoon settle in and my head completely undone by the timezone change I watched the sunset over the Lily Creek.

Lily Creek at Sunset.

The park has a resident Freshwater crocodile that comes to say hello at 5pm each day.

So the journey of Western Australia starts on this Midlife Adventure.