Day 236 – 7/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure

The Margaret River region is surrounded by caves one of these is the Lake Cave in Forest Grove.

They provide a hourly tour and the information centre provides some great insights into the caves and how they were created.

To get to the cave you have to go down 350 steps.. which immediately has me thinking about the 350 steps that I’ll have to come back up.

There is was some wildlife enjoying the path before our group of 20+ descended down then it quickly got out of the way.

Thats the gap through which the original visitors to the cave got through, however thankfully they have now added steps to the bottom.

The Lake Cave is special as it is one of the few with a permanent water source, this gives some great shots of reflection.

That is a stalactite that had grounded and continued to grow then the floor below was washed away leaving it suspended. Estimated that it weighs over 5 tonne.

The tour guide provides an informative description during the tour about how the caves were formed and the impact that the years have had.

It is a very interesting cave that was protected over the years so unlike many that have been damaged over the years this is one of the best examples of a accessible cave in Australia.

We then get a bit of a light show that highlights some of the special elements of the cave.

Then comes the bit I’ve dreaded… 350 steps back to the top.

You’ll have to stay tuned into tomorrows update to see if I actually survived the journey back on this Midlife Adventure.