Day 147 – 9/10/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

The morning started off with some servicing of my tyres and another wheel alignment.

Then it was back to the park for a swim a read and a relax. All this is because my destination for the day does not open till 2:30 in the afternoon and is shut by 5pm.

Malcolm Douglas Croc Park
Malcolm Douglas Croc Park

Malcolm Douglas was really the original Crocodile Man a man who dedicated his life to the top end and exploring Australia. The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park was setup by him to help manage the dangerous crocodiles in the region.

I don’t do too many pictures of myself but this one I liked and wasn’t the only time today that I thought a Croc was going to eat me!.

Not the sight that you want to see near your favourite creek or dam.

At 3 they start a tour and with School holidays on it was a busy day at the park.

This group of hungry individuals were first to get a feed they are the same group from the picture earlier but when food is on they all come for a look.

We then visited some of the more aggressive rescue crocs

We fed some Amercian Alligators

You can’t see me!

Then off to some more rescued Croc’s and one that took a particular liking to me as I was walking along some what felt really thin fencing.

This is that same croc when the tour guide opened the gate.

I want to come out for a walk!

I decided to keep well back, and the kid who decided to try and pat the crocodile… yeah its called a death wish.

We continued to feed a number of equally hungry croc’s and their misses.

They also have a range of other animals at the park.

Finishing up in the park and heading back into town I thought it important to re-hydrate. So off to Matso’s it was for some refreshments.


It is definitely starting the build up to the wet season with the clouds rolling in more and more each day.

With the sun setting it was time to hit Cable Beach and apparently I was not the only one with this thought. I’m sure that some of them were tourists but to many I can tell its just their normal after work practise to head down with the kids/dogs and have a relax before dinner.

So now you’re going to get sunset porn because Cable Beach is just one of the most beautiful places to get a sunset picture from.

It is pretty special down here and the camel rides at sunset do look great.

So another day ends on this Midlife Adventure and it is really nice having a full week in one place. Actually that will be happening more as I slow the trip down a little.

Goodnight from Broome, WA