Day 233 – 4/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Joining the team at Harvest Tours I am off today to visit some wineries in the Margaret River region.

Starting the morning at Yahava Coffee for that important morning kick we learn about how the coffee is roasted and the difference between coffee’s

It is then time to hit the first winery at Brown Hill Estate where the host walks us through all of their wines on offer and we get a chance to look at the barrel room.

Next we are off to McHenry Hohnen where they specialise in organic wines which we get to enjoy with some small goods made in house.

With a few wines under us we are now off to Brooklands Valley where we are greeted by the Wine Dog. Tasting their variety we make our way across to their restaurant Flutes.

With full stomach’s we view the art gallery at the restaurant then make our way to Domaine Naturaliste where we have our wines paired with cheese.

Moving on to our next winery we’re at House of Cards Winery which includes Gabriel’s Chocolates for a quick visit. Then it is time to finish the day at the Wild Hop Brewery.

Margaret River

So with a couple of bottles safely tucked away we make our way back to our accommodation and I pass out on my bed very content on this Midlife Adventure.