Day 210 – 12/12/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

It’s an early start to get out to the Monkey Mia National Park.

The Dolphins have been coming into here since the 1960’s when fishermen returning from their day out would feed the Dolphin’s. Today’s dolphin visitors are direct descendants to those original visitors.

The Pelican patrols the beach to make sure we are all behaving and get any spare fish that might come their way.

Everyone lines up along the beach and the dolphins come in.

They are apparently excited to come in.

They check us out and see which of us look the most like fish.

Some lucky people are chosen to feed 1 fish to the dolphin. There are very few people chosen in reality and the key demographic is old, young and obvious overseas tourist, those on a Midlife Adventure don’t have a hope.

So I make it up with a coffee and some breakfast. (the breakfast was terrible so no pictures of that).

They did 3 feeds that morning the follow up feeds are less strongly attended however the demographic of those chosen is pretty much the same.

I did plan on going up to the point but the sand and the new car I decided that wasn’t going to be a good move without boards and someone else to help so I decided to just head down to the beach and relax for the day before I head off tomorrow.

That’s how we do Monkey Mia on this Midlife Adventure.