Day 242 – 13/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure

Moving 180km east I start the journey home arriving into the town of Pemberton.


The town has a tourist rail so after I setup my van I headed down and got a ticket.

They have some old steam trains that no longer run but oh if I had a few million dollars spare it would be great to get them back up and running.

The train trip these days is on a diesel cart that is ok but not near as much fun as a steam train.

We head out to on the journey with our driver giving us a great commentary on the region and history.

The nearby timber workers cottages still exist with the timber mill closing down about 10 years ago.

We cross about 4 bridges as we make our way along the track.

We then stop at a creek for a short walk at looking out at the cascades.

Too soon we come to the end point for our day as the journey through to Northbridge has been shut for about 20 years.

We then make our way home along the same track.

After the train trip I head out to the Gloucester Tree.

Up the top of the tree in the middle is a platform that fire watchers used to sit in to spot for fires.

Access to the platform is via these spikes that circle the tree 50m up into the sky, that is a very long way up and well for your viewing pleasure… I’m not going up there!

These are some very big trees, many of them chopped down by the early settlers.

The Dukes walk around the area is a lovely short walk that lets you experience the forest. I however experienced being lapped 3 times by someone jogging the course.

The trees that have come over or been chopped down are now reminders of just how big these trees are.

Back at the campsite full of kids enjoying their summer holidays I settle in for another night on this Midlife Adventure.