Days 215 – 218 17/12/2019 to 20/12/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

On the 17th I had another interview in Perth and caught up with my brother.

That afternoon I setup at the caravan park in Fremantle, WA.

On the 18th I went shopping as the caravan power had been off it needed a rest. My brother came for a visit.

I had setup the annex on the caravan, the first time this trip that I had bothered to set it up and it is nice to have that extra space to live in.

Trying a new tow vehicle…

On the 19th I went out for Lunch with Scott who I had met in Broome and we headed out to Hillary’s near Scarborough where we had a catch up and enjoyed some ribs for lunch.

On the 20th I went out for lunch with my brother whilst he was babysitting and then picked up my parents from the airport.

That concludes a number of days in Perth on this Midlife Adventure.