Day 140 – 2/10/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

GOOD MORNING… says no one at 4am!. It’s a big day in the Bungle Bungle National Park, also known as the Purnululu National Park.

One of the things I did do yesterday was to prepare the vehicle letting down the pressures, giving up on the spotlights and tightening up anything that might fall apart as I had been warned the road was shot.


Whilst I get a few sunset pictures I don’t get many sunrises today I got to watch the sunrise over the hills.


They are big, they are spaced out and they are relentless, I call these 10/80 bumps… either go over them at 10km/h or 80km/h you’re going to get the …. shaken out of you either way!

Amazing Colours

As the sun heads up it creates some shadows and the hills come alive with vibrancy.

Elephant Rock

It was advised to start the day whilst it was still cool at the Piccaninny Gorge End to that’s where I headed first.

Bungle Bungle Ranges

Heading in with a couple of bottles of water I was off stopping first at the Cathedral Gorge Walk.

Its a 3km walk with a 1km optional extra.

You can see how when the waters flow they create whirlpools that break into the sand stone base.

Cathedral Gorge

It is so relaxing in the cave and as I had it to myself I cranked out some tunes and its a perfect amphitheatre.

The walk back out is also quite spectacular and I was glad for a fresh cold drink from the car fridge on my return as the heat starts to rise.

After a quick relax it was off to the Echidna Chasm end of the park.

Walking in on a pebble based riverbed is fun as they crunch and move underneath you but quickly you are in the shade of the walls.

The walls are also made up from pebbles as well having settled in the mud over the many wet seasons.

The walls start coming in around you as you make your way further and further into the chasm until it opens up to a big gap.

There is a further walk you can take if you head over some very large boulders however I turned around at this point and started to make my way back.

Then near the car park is the lookout with a great view down the valley.

Stopping for a bite of lunch I headed back to camp for a much needed cold shower and the end of my journey to the amazing Bungle Bungle’s on this Midlife Adventure.