Day 248 – 19/1/2020 on a Midlife Adventure.

Time to move on from Denmark, WA I’m off on a big drive today through to Esperance, WA. This is one of the last major towns before starting the drive across the Nullarbor.

Heading up into the hills I do a quick drive through Mount Barker, WA being a Sunday it was very quiet so I keep going and make my way further into the hills with the navigator telling me I’m heading for Chester Pass Road.

The word “Pass” is enough to tell me that there’s some big hills coming up.

On Boxing day this year a massive fire hit the Stirling Rangers of which the Chester Pass cuts straight through the middle of.

It is amazing to see the park so burnt including up the side of the mountains. Yet then it stops, and by luck the Bluff Knoll cafe was very close to the border of the fires, their cafe was untouched. I headed in to show my support and catch up on the missed breakfast. Just as I left a group of about 20 motorbike riders arrived, its great to see that level of support for little places like this particularly as they would be missing all of the national park visitor business.

With the recent fires in SA and over east that is really what we can do as travellers is to support these towns, over this year I have visited many small towns around Australia and as much as possible supported local businesses. With the drought still effecting many parts of the country visiting any of these small towns helps keep them alive.


Continuing my journey I arrived into Ravensthorpe, WA and was thankful that the road took me this way as I had wanted to see the SiloArt here but had forgotten about it when planning the day.

It helped that I also needed fuel to make it the distance so it was a great double header.

After a few more hundred kilometers I arrived safely into Esperance, WA where I quickly got myself setup at the caravan park for the week and went for a quick drive around town before settling in for a good nights rest on this Midlife Adventure.