Day 200 – 2/12/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Time to get back on the road and head south. I have family coming to Perth for Christmas and have to be there by mid December. It’s going to be a quick trip south also its getting DAMN Hot!.

So heading out early from Kununurra I hit the road with the target being Fitzroy Crossing.

Checking in with my mate he has been delayed out of Broome so they wont be back till late that night so I punch through and head to Roebuck Plains.

Just short of the Derby turn off I pass my mate heading home and make my way to the Roebuck Plains Roadhouse.

Roebuck Plains Roadhouse

Setting up the van I turn the aircon on and BANG the fuse sets off… I’ve been aware that my van aircon was struggling however this is now terminal.

40+ degrees each day and no aircon… time to head south and fast!

Its never boring on this Midlife Adventure.